6 minutes | Jul 7th 2020

13: New Excuse Every Day

For those who may not know, I used to be a pastor before launching Think Digital, but I was really interested in social media and digital marketing.  I found myself coming up with excuses everyday as to why I cant launch my digital product. I felt that people may think that I am a fraud, no business experience,  no team, and my biggest excuse of all - there are a million people who are talking about digital marketing.

Finally, I have a friend who shifted my way of thinking about digital products, and I eventually stopped making excuses.

Show Notes

[01:44] The conversation that changed the way I think about digital products

  • There are hundred of thousands of books getting published everyday
  • Pick any topic you want into Google and there are hundreds of thousands of books every topic
  • You have experiences, relationships, and a particular way of seeing teaching a particular topic

[03:25] The three shifts in concepts that completely changed my family's life

  • Digitizing my mind - What I knew.
  • Digitizing my skills - What I did.
  • Digitizing my systems - How I did it.
  • I launched my course in July 2013, and by the end of the year, we had 100 students in our first course.

[05:00] The hurdle in creating digital products

  • Why would anybody listen to me?
  • It's not always a problem of skill. Throughout the years, I saw people who knew less skills that I did but makes more money.
  • Stop making excuses. Start building the digital product that you want to make.

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