6 minutes | Mar 3rd 2020

05: Take More Time Off

Welcome to our first “minisode” for Experimental where I share little nuggets that brought significant results into the lives and businesses of my clients and myself. In this week’s minisode, it’s to take more time off in your business. Take a listen to learn why. Show notes [01:10] Take more time off in your business On the surface, it looks like it’s counterproductive but it’s not. Working less means you have to prioritize more, focus more. If you restrict your work hours/days, your time takes on a new meaning. [2:09] How I apply this in my business I don’t work every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. My team and clients know my schedule and if they want something done on those days, it has to wait. [02:50] What goes into my “off days” I read at a coffee shop. I take my family out to eat. Volunteering at my kid’s school. There are days where I watch viral videos all day long…GUILT-FREE [04:06] Shift your view on taking the time off Everybody sees that rest is a reward for their labor. That’s why. See rest as a necessary ingredient for producing high-quality work. Days off are the highlight of my week because it gives me time to sit, think, and remember that I’m a human being first. [04:53] Action step: How to implement more time offs Look at your calendar and remove one standing meeting permanently. Put 1 hour in your calendar as your “me time”. Do these two little by little until you reach the point where you have another day off. Resources Mentioned Dan Sullivan Subscribe To The Podcast Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcast Overcast Pocket Casts Stitcher
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