37 minutes | Feb 17th 2020

03: Speak On More Stages with Grant Baldwin

In this episode, I have the phenomenal speaker Grant Baldwin.

Grant is an entrepreneur,  public speaker, author of the book called The Successful Speaker, and the host of a podcast called The  Speaker Lab Podcast.

We talk about his backstory being in the trenches, the unfiltered realities of being a public speaker doing 70 gigs a year(the good and the bad), his 5-Step Speaker Success Roadmap, and what it really takes to build a successful public speaking business.

You’ll also learn his life-changing experience writing his book with the best-selling author Jeff Goins.

Snow notes

  • [02:37] Grant's illustrious career of being a speaker
  • [05:47] Speaking is a high paying manual labor job
  • [07:18] What it feels like doing 70 speaking gigs a year and the non-sexy part of public speaking
  • [13:34] The 5-Step Speaker Success Roadmap (S.P.E.A.K)
  • [17:22] Grant's advice to his past self when it comes to public speaking
  • [20:11] How to know that you're BAD in public speaking
  • [23:43] Grant’s recently launched book “The Successful Speaker” with Jeff Goins and how it came together
  • [28:13] His experience collaborating with Jeff Goins
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