37 minutes | Feb 11th 2020

02: What It's Like Being Married To An Entrepreneur with Kerry Wise

In this episode, I have the one and only Kerry Wise.

We’ve been married for over a decade and have 3 wonderful children.

Not only that, she’s also my primary advisor, confidant, strategist, and great filter.

We talk about some of the challenges we’ve been through in our journey as a married couple during our early years and how we triumphed over it.

You’ll hear snapshots of our lives, and her perspective on those challenges, and how she supported me throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

Snow notes:

[03:59] Kerry being the breadwinner of the family in our early years

[07:35]  Our reality in the early years of our marriage

[10:01] From working at a church to Monk Development in Kerry’s perspective

[15:40] Launching ThinkDigital and “The Basement Years”

[25:50] Spouse is the closest voice to the Holy Spirit

[30:08] From paying debts to ThinkDigital’s growth

[35:07] Kerry’s advice for entrepreneurs to get their spouses on board

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