11 minutes | Feb 7th 2020

01: Creating an Experimental Business

Welcome to the very first episode of Experimental.

Here's a confession: I didn't want to do another podcast

I thought I was already done with podcasting. I've already done a number of podcasts for the last few years with varying success and they got boring.

But then, a bunch of things started happening.

I'll share the reasons why I'm starting another podcast, and unpack what are you going to expect from this show. Enjoy

Snow notes

[01:56] Mentors are telling me that I'm crazy by quitting podcasting

  • When I'm paying people by giving me advice, then I'll take it
  • Shoutout to Chris Lema by pushing me

[03:15] I'm missing the podcasting format

  • Podcasting is the perfect format for deeply exploring ideas
  • It's the closest format to the radio, which I love and grew up with
  • I miss being able to connect with my 'heroes' and build a relationship with people like Gary Vee, Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins.

[06:10] I heard all of you

  • A lot of people in my e-mail list and Twitter followers are asking when the next episode is coming.
  • Podcasting is the medium that you and I connected regularly
  • Many of my best clients referenced the podcast in some other shape or form

[08:10] This podcast will be about "Tiny Hinges, Big Doors"

  • It's an amazing concept from Perry Marshall where a door is big but what moves the door are the little hinges.
  • We're going to unpack the tiny hinges that we can focus on to swing big "doors" on your business
  • You'll hear successful methods from guests that you can experiment on your own business
  • Finding what works to help you take quantum leaps to your preferred future
  • Finding what works to help you find the highest and best use of your time
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