6 minutes | Dec 14, 2020

How To Not Let Your Customers Get Scammed This Holiday Season

Due to the pandemic and lockdowns, online purchasing over the holidays will be at an all-time high. Many people will be shopping online for the first time or more frequently than they have in the past. However, as with all good things, there is a downside too. Cybercriminals are noticing this surge of online shopping and are keen on taking advantage to further their goals as much as the rest of us are. In this episode we’ll give you some examples of how you can protect your business and customers from this threat and reduce the chances of becoming a victim of cybercrime over the holiday season. Show Notes: https://thinkcybersecure.com/10 Get the Guide: Cybersecurity for Business Owners in the New Normal: https://thinkcybersecure.com/newnormal
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