35 minutes | Mar 1st 2021

Vaastu Space Therapy for Wellbeing with Jen Jones

Jen Jones has spent the last 30 years merging architecture with her spiritual path. Her discovery journey led her to become one of the few Vaastu architects authorized to practice in Vishwakarma’s lineage, which enables her to incorporate an ancient Indian approach to architecture that focuses on subtle energies for well-being, peace, and abundance. On top of that, Jen is a gifted Yantra artist, and she uses her mystical diagram paintings to help people go into deeper states of mediation. In today’s episode of the Think Clever podcast, Jen shared with us how Vaastu, a modern-day space therapy, can help people improve their physical and mental health, increase financial wealth, and promote a happier lifestyle. You can learn more about Jen's work on her website: https://www.jenjonesarchitecture.com/ ​ To check out her magical art, please visit: https://www.karmabydesign.net/ ​ Follow her on Instagram @jenjones2.0 For more episodes, visit: https://thinkclever.co/  
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