40 minutes | Feb 28th 2021

Discover Your Unique Code with HUMAN DESIGN and Ahram Arya

There is a code to manifesting what you want, but first, what are you willing to do differently? If you are walking a path of self-discovery and are passionate about understanding the driving force behind many of your decisions, today's discussion may lighten your load and bring clarity into your life. In this episode of the Think Clever Podcast, we discuss your unique genetic code. We are all designed in a unique way, but did you know there is an actual map? It's called HUMAN DESIGN. And as with every map, you need a guide who can read and explain it—introducing Ahram Arya. Ahram is a Change-Your-Life Coach and a Human Design Guide attuned to inspire your higher purpose and unlock your power of manifestation. He combines wisdom from his own spiritual path with 20 years of experience as a creative director, story-teller, and industrial designer. Instagram: @humandesigntribe @ahramarya Connect with Ahram: https://ahramarya.org/  In today's episode, you will learn: • Self-Discovery of Your Strengths and Your Weaknesses • Discover Your Unique Gifts • How to Get into a Resourceful State – FLOW State • How to Attract the Right People and the Right Opportunities Check out more Think Clever episodes at https://www.thinkclever.co/
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