11 minutes | Jan 7, 2020

Manifesto of Think and speak positive

Here is my manifesto for this Podcast project, the reasons why I started and why I am doing it. I believe enthusiasm is a powerful choice even when the waters seem troubled, the people I will have on the Podcast have seen and lived challenging experiences like all of us, one key thing they seem to have for themselves is their drive to make their vision become reality. Surrounded by teams, support of family and friends they open up and share the behind the scenes and we discover how funny they are, sensitive, driven, ambitious... on the way to finding their path or living their paths and more. So many inspirational words and examples to do the same in our own unique way. Be, create, try, fall get back on the ride enjoy and live. _ Intro music_ Sublime French band_ Paradis_ Song_ ''Recto-verso''.  _ Where you can find ‘’Think and speak positive’’: Website and Instagram @thinkandspeakpositive Welcome to the journey and thank you for listening. If you like the podcast ‘’Think and speak positive’’. Please share it with someone who might benefit from it. _ Expand enthusiasm people --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thinkandspeakpositive/message
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