78 minutes | Sep 8, 2021

TPS E81: Denver SWAT K9 - Brett Titus

In this episode Steve chats with retired Denver Police SWAT member Brett Titus.  Brett worked as a K9 officer for SWAT and his stories are off the charts! In his retirement he founded  LifeSpot. This app is gaining major traction as the go to tool for critical incidents that can occur in schools and corporations. www.lifespotapp.com   LifeSpot is an affordable, simple to use technology that speeds up valuable response time, improves communication, and gives you peace of mind knowing you have chosen the best crisis mitigation system created.  Investing in the safety and protection of those you are responsible to care for is vital in these uncertain times. LifeSpot is an empowering, lifesaving technology in the palm of your hand.   Support/Donate! https://thingspolicesee.com/donate/ Shop Merch / Subscribe / be a guest / Contact  www.thingspolicesee.com Join the FB community!  https://www.facebook.com/thingspolicesee/ Background consultation - Ken@policebackground.net
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