89 minutes | Aug 11, 2021

TPS E79: Bridget Truxillo - Florida Deputy!

In this episode Steve chats with former Florida deputy sheriff turned attorney, Bridget Truxillo.  Bridget is what we call a hard charger in this line of work.  From Patrol to narcotics to becoming her agencies first female SWAT member she packed a lot into her time as a copper.  She now runs My Protective Wellness, a program that offers police officers legal counsel along with ways to better mentally and physically care for themselves.   https://www.myprotectivewellness.com/ We have a mission of changing the world by helping one person at a time. We want to help by answering your legal questions and by providing essential self-care tools. We have seen the power of mindfulness, and community and believe our programs will provide what you need to feel empowered. Support/Donate! https://thingspolicesee.com/donate/ Shop Merch / Subscribe / be a guest / Contact  www.thingspolicesee.com Join the FB community!  https://www.facebook.com/thingspolicesee/ Background consultation - Ken@policebackground.net  
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