56 minutes | Sep 20, 2021

E 182 - Lake Placid

This week, join Chaos and Carnage for camping on a beautiful, picturesque lake in Maine... just beware the giant crocodiles! That's right, Black Lake is infested with crocs, one of which is over 30 ft long! Luckily for you we're camping with the sheriff's department, fish and wildlife, a paleontologist, and a rich dude obsessed with crocs who might get himself killed... so stick close to us and let the others be fodder. Just don't listen to a thing the rude old lady who lives on the lake tells you.  https://theymostlypodcastatnight.com - credits/socials/merch https://morbidlybeautiful.com/podcassts - The Morbidly Beautiful Podcast Network
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