40 minutes | Aug 16, 2020

Change Your Brain Waves, Change Your Life - RAJNEESH NANDA x Dr. JAMES HARDT

Stories that inspire; making you happier healthier and stronger through hidden mystic and scientific techniques. Stay tuned 💯🔥 Season# 1 | Episode # 6 Hosted by: Rajneesh Nanda VIP Guest: Dr. James Hardt @biocybernaut (@TheBiocybernautInstitute) Biocybernautinsa celebrated Research Scientist and the Founder of the Biocybernaut Institute. He is a genius in training with Biofeedback. He has an established history of over 40 years in the study and research of Biofeedback. As similar to meditation, his training is a deep attempt to tune directly into your interior state of the mind. Let’s discover how you can change your brainwaves and change your life! Watch this episode to learn: 1. How you can give a YOGI or ZEN master a complex with Biocybernaut Insitute training of one week? 2. How to CHANGE your BRAINWAVES to CHANGE your LIFE. How BRAIN WAVE rules our LIVES? 3. What Is BIOFEEDBACK and BRAINWAVE Training? What is ALPHA ONE TRAINING? 4. How to become 50 % more CREATIVE, boost your IQ by 11.7 %, INCREASE your EQ by 15.8? Perform at your PEAK, reverse your BRAIN AGEING, DECREASE Addictions, and RELIEVE STRESS and ANXIETY? If you want any of these, this exclusive INTERVIEW is for you. 5. Why is it important to Aid / Remove EMOTIONAL TRAUMA and how Biocybernaut institutes help us to FORGIVE by changing our brainwaves? 6. What Are the FOOD and SUPPLEMENTS to intake to Increase our ALPHA waves and what to ELIMINATE? How do COFFEE and ALCOHOL affect our ALPHA waves? 7. What are the Brainwaves of a YOGA MASTER and ZEN MASTER and how do they DIFFER? And much much more!!! Your Feedback And Suggestions Are Always Welcome. Subscribe | Watch | Follow Us On Our YouTube Channel @hackyourbodymindsoul With Lots Of Zeal | Health | Vitality | Energy For You And Yours.
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