63 minutes | Aug 27th 2019

Communicating with Teens - How to Talk so Your Teens Listen ep 177

Laura Lyles Reagan is the author of How to Raise Respectful Parents: Better Communication for Teen and Parent Relationships.  She recently did a free webinar for our Lose the Cape readers all about teen communication, and it was too good not to share as a special episode! Get all the notes at https://losethecape.com/podcast/177 In this episode, we talked about: All about teen communicationHow to use the time you have with your kids to grow the relationship you want to have with themThe importance of listening versus talkingUsing I-messages to foster respectful communication with your teenWhat is conscious parenting?Dr. Shefali's definition of conscious parentingLaura's definition of Co-CreationWhat are the issues facing teens, and how can parents address them using co-creation?Laura's new course, Turn Your Teen Around by Tuning into Yourself