77 minutes | Jan 12, 2021

008 - PodGoesPunk | Emo, Screamo & Other Church Kid Nostalgia

This week we have a fun one! This episode is a bit of a shift from the more serious conversations we've had so far on the podcast. We sat down with 2 of the hosts from the podcast Pod Goes Punk and had a blast chatting about music, church kid shit, and everything in between! Jesse and Jordan Chesley have been friends of mine since we were kids. We met going to hard core, emo, and punk shows together and more often than not these shows took place in church basements, cafe's, or fellowship halls! They now have a HUGE following for their podcast where they talk about the music that was the soundtrack to their adolescence. This week we also have a guest co-host! My dear friend Jen joins the show as we reminisce about the music we fell in love with as kids and how so much of it is inexplicably tied to church kid culture.  If you love music and fall in love with Jesse and Jordan you'll definitely want to go subscribe to their podcast and YouTube channel. Find all the info about Pod Goes Punk at PodGoesPunk.com Don't forget to give them a follow on Instagram @PodGoesPunk
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