89 minutes | Jan 5, 2021

007 - Michael Robison | Forget the Script

Michael Robison is a former Senior Pastor and Faith Leader. He is also a veteran strategic consultant and brand development innovator with a diverse background in finance, sales, development, marketing, communications and staffing. He was recently named one the Top Leaders of 2020 by Yahoo! Finance. Michael has a unique journey of faith and life. He spent nearly 20 years married to his wife Allison, and created a big, beautiful family. They built their family through adoption and adventures. But, internally, Michael was wrestling with his truth. What Truth? That he is Gay. He built a life trying his best to confirm to his faith, belief system and traditional, southern values in which he was raised. But, as anyone who has had to reconcile their world with their truth understand, the truth will always demand its place in this world. Michael has made the transition from a traditional family to a beautiful modern family. He has an amazing husband, actor Cameron Williams. Together they are part of incredible modern family. They face the reality of the conversations of race, sexuality, faith, family and more….. and have chosen to share that journey with others. You can connect with Michael through his website MichaelRobison.cc Subscribe and listen to his podcast Behind the Veil anywhere you get your podcasts! Follow on instagram @MichaelRobison and on Twitter @MichaelRobison
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