107 minutes | Sep 22, 2019

#7 - Chris J. O'Loughlin

On this episode of TWBN we discuss the therapeutic effects of comedy, free will, and the #metoo movement with our guest Chris J. O'Loughlin. Having been born at the end of 1964, Chris O'Loughlin grew up in the 70's in The Bronx, New York and has always been a 'Bronx Boy'. Music of all kinds took hold of his soul during that time and at the end of the 70's he took up the guitar and hasn't put it down since.  Currently fronting a Led Zeppelin tribute band called 'The Prezence' on vocals, playing guitar remains central to his identity. But he found expression also, in writing.  And after earning a B.S. in Psychology from Fordham University, he decided, after witnessing the success of books like 'The God Delusion', that a counter statement arguing for the existence of God was worth taking up. So in the early 2000's 'What Kind of God' was written to flesh out for himself how to reconcile horror and suffering with the existence of an Original Cause, and indeed, even to attempt to get at the very reason for the Human Condition itself. What Kind of God is yet to be picked up by a publishing company.  A print-on-demand company put it in soft cover form and it is currently out of print.  The author remains satisfied that it changed a single life.  Maybe that's all God wanted. Chris O'Loughlin continues his journey of music and spiritual inquiry and is alive and well in the Bronx, his beloved home. Music by Jon Swaii Support the podcast by following us on social media. Let us know what you think! Social Media: There Will Be Noise  Burning Buddha Entertainment --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/there-will-be-noise/support
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