79 minutes | Sep 22, 2019

#6 - Josh Jacobs

On this episode of TWBN we discuss the music industry, prison reform, and meaning vs. happiness with our first guest Josh Jacobs. Check out his new single "ENDS" available everywhere!  Josh Jacobs music HERE Who is Josh Jacobs? Invoked by vengeance, happiness, purpose & inspiration, Josh Jacobs delivers driving melodies with harmony & creative rhyming with wordplay to get his sound and message across. With his own ferocious performance style and savvy lyrics of redemption, Josh is also inspired by Eminem’s delivery, Kanye’s diversity, Kendrick Lamar’s storytelling & Florence and the Machine’s instrumentation. The self proclaimed "Son of None", uses a pen, pad, & a microphone as tools for the reconstruction of his life. Josh Jacobs harnesses those demons from within, using them as fuel to entertain with high energy and emotional performances.  Combining his influences, inspirations & experiences, Josh Jacobs is an introspective son of hip hop. Music by Jon Swaii Support the podcast by following us on social media. Let us know what you think! Social Media: There Will Be Noise  Burning Buddha Entertainment --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/there-will-be-noise/support
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