46 minutes | Mar 8, 2021

What To Do In A Crisis! + Bio-Mood Hacking Skills

Practice DBT’s fast-acting bio-mood hacks to channel your body’s natural ability to self-regulate in this interactive episode. Burnout prevention psychotherapist and mood hacker Anna Lindberg Cedar, MPA, LCSW explains the research behind DBT’s mood regulation skills. She gives listeners quick tips for interrupting a difficult mood in a crisis and even practices these tips along with you in this episode. Get yourself ready for some bio-mood hacking by finding a private space, a few minutes of mindful attention, some ice (brrrr) - and even a doctor's note in some cases - Oh my! Learn how to adapt research-backed therapy concepts for everyday use. This is not therapy. This is Real Life. Therapy For Real Life. Learn more: TherapyForRealLife.com or WorkshopsForRealLife.com [This episode was originally broadcast in March of 2019.]
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