34 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

Notes From Your Therapist with Allyson Dinneen

Host Anna Lindberg Cedar, MPA, LCSW chats with author and artist Allyson Dinneen about the release of her book, Notes From Your Therapist. Dinneen was featured in the New York Times article, “Instagram Therapists Are the New Instagram Poets.” Dinneen is known for her ability to translate complex ideas about emotions and relationships into brief, handwritten notes. This interview interrogates the complexities of authentic expression online, including a consideration of the potentially harmful effects of social media. Dinneen shares how she has built a sense of connection online, while maintaining boundaries to preserve a healthy sense of self. Host Cedar asks Dinneen about her creative process as a therapist and how she is able to balance self-care with artistic expression. This is not therapy. This is Real Life. Therapy For Real Life. Learn more: TherapyForRealLife.com and WorkshopsForRealLife.com .
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