24 minutes | Sep 7, 2020

My Pandemic Vacation: Adapting Pleasure To Stay In Place

Research shows that even a 20 minute mini-vacation can help alleviate stress during times of crisis or burnout. Host Anna Lindberg Cedar MPA LCSW describes how to adapt Dialectical Behavior Therapy concepts into actionable self-care strategies. This episode explains the importance of adapting pleasure during moments of crisis to sustain oneself for difficult times ahead. Anna describes her own pandemic vacation and invites you to design one too using creativity in the context you have. Learn how these same self-care strategies have been used to help folks cope with harsh conditions, such as living in detention, recovering from trauma, or living with fear of future harm. Start scheduling your own pandemic vacation to adapt these self-care strategies for your own life. This is not therapy. This is Real Life. TherapyForRealLife.com [This episode was originally broadcast in April of 2020.]
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