35 minutes | Oct 26, 2020

How To Solve Problems And Make Up Your Mind

Get organized in your self-care with the Therapy For Real Life Podcast by learning about tools from Problem Solving Therapy in today’s episode. Host Anna Lindberg Cedar MPA, LCSW helps you get strategic in your approach to self-care by setting up simple routines to support decision making. Anna explains why stress is so disorienting and how feeling competent with problem solving can help protect your mood. Learn from concepts adapted from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you improve your own self-care routine and get started during this episode. Finish today’s show by practicing a guided meditation to help you make up your mind in spite of stress. Make self-care part of something radically better in your life. This is not therapy. This is Real Life. TherapyForRealLife.com [This episode was originally broadcast in January of 2020.]
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