203 minutes | Sep 22nd 2020

NA Dreamhack Runs + Ideas on Balance

★ Timestamps below ★ 00. 00:00:00 Intro Video 01. 00:02:01 Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions 02. 00:07:39 This Week In StarCraft 03. 00:31:19 This Week In Brood War 04. 00:38:20 Dreamhack Masters 05. 02:18:56 Patreon Q&A 06. 02:19:30 What units and upgrades are used the most or the least in the pro scene? 07. 02:20:55 Should Ultralisks be able to walk over lings? 08. 02:24:15 Can you keep doing StarCraft forever? 09. 02:25:25 Did we learn anything from Scarlett playing BW? 10. 02:28:21 What separates the best foreigners inBW from the ASL Ro24 players? 11. 02:31:45 What if there were more than one mmr? 12. 02:33:56 Why do rocks have so much health? 13. 02:38:12 When are we getting TPS jeopardy? 14. 02:39:03 What was up with that TL.net ASL preview article? 15. 02:40:24 Do you like music playing when you watch games? 16. 02:42:19 Why don't devs and viewers figure out that StarCraft has the best viewing experience? 17. 02:44:52 If you could control SC2 with your mind which would be the strongest race? 18. 02:47:58 Cobra how do you keep your hair so awesome? 19. 02:53:08 What are some tips to improve in PvZ and PvT? / Thoughts on 2v2? 20. 03:00:58 What are your thoughts on the new Dune movie? 21. 03:02:56 What is your favourite kind of cheese? 22. 03:05:18 Thoughts on ByuN and Serral duking it out? 23. 03:07:43 Why is Tasteless doing the translations at ASL? 24. 03:10:59 What is the play order for the elimination match and the winners match at GSL? 25. 03:11:15 How does SC compare to chess when it comes to early/mid/late game? 26. 03:13:31 How many mutas does it take to kill a spore? 27. 03:13:44 What would you do to the voidray to make it more usable? 28. 03:18:48 Discuss some changes to SC2 29. 03:22:08 Have you ever applied game theory to SC2 in order to theorycraft? 30. 03:23:31 Final thoughts / Wrap up / Thanks for watching Huge thanks to our Patreon supporters! https://www.patreon.com/ThePylonShow Check out sponsors WickedCutzJerky and GFuel here: https://matcherino.com/thepylonshow - Code: Chocolate - Pylon Shownotes: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ri43LCazN1NHGAj9a4gTQ1T9Yfa8aCxEst_F34Bw8iA/ Follow Artosis: https://linktr.ee/Artosis - & Pylon: https://linktr.ee/ThePylonShow - Special thanks to the Pylon Show Team: Producer: https://twitter.com/CobraVe7nom7 Shownotes - Alisaunder: https://twitter.com/Daisemiin Timestamps: https://twitter.com/AllelujahTV VFX Artist: https://twitter.com/BodyVii Podcast editor: https://twitter.com/Kousta29 WebDevs: NeosteelEnthusiast & https://twitter.com/FollowDiaXis Track: Koven - Never Have I Felt This [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/-7fuHEEmEjs Stream: http://ncs.io/NeverHaveIFeltThisYO