25 minutes | Jun 12, 2019

Using Machine Learning First Approach to Build a Product

Intro:  Today we have 2 individuals who are part of a team that is cricket's first Machine Learnig meets Interaction Design a Global Level. Karthik a Principal Product Manager and Ravi a Data Scientist come packed with knowledge of experience building various products in their careers.  Karthik you've built a team from a single person to a 20 member team and built Cricket's first trademarked ML product called "Criclytics" and Ravi you have played a  role in automating India's first robo advisory portfolio models using quantitative analysis and Machine learning in a Hyderabad based startup and have worked on influential research on How the Digital identity solves the problem of Financial Inclusion in India.   Topics: 1. Your roles in the product you've been building with cricket.com  2. When to approach ML for the product? 3. How does one design the product road-map? 4. How to set up the data infrastructure? 5. How do you marry the machine and the user journey? 6. Few things our listeners can check out to help them out in discovering more and learning more?  #machinelearning #productscale #Datainfrastructure #userjourney #productmanager  Follow us on: https://theproductmanagement.com  https://facebook.com/TheProductManagement/  https://linkedin.com/company/theproductmanagement/  https://twitter.com/podcastforpm 
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