35 minutes | Oct 3, 2019

PM Fundamentals for Innovations

Ketan with 12 years of industry experience and 7+ in product management also has worked across Telecom, Fintech, Real Estate tech, and Retail domains. He talks about inculcating mindset and processes to drive innovations in products and with examples throws light on some key aspects of product adoption. We find many popular frameworks for product managers. What are the frameworks or mental models that you most often find useful in practice? How do you bring innovation - you attempt to be innovative, is it a part of the regular process? Tell us more about it. What’s your process of achieving PM fit? They say execution is everything. Execution is also HARD. How do you get things done, what’s worked and what’s not in getting things done across different stakeholders? What are the secret tools that have helped you in product management?
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