45 minutes | Sep 5th 2020

Sit Down, 2020 | S1.E3

We! Love! HAMILTON! It took us a record 8 months to record this episode, despite our best intentions. 2020, what are you gonna do? We look at Zillow a lot and forget what points we're trying to make because tangents are fun. How many times have you watched Hamilton? Are you playing animal Crossing? Do you watch too much TikTok? Also Baby Yoda is returning soon!!! And obligatory fuck cancer. Kait makes the convincing argument that Hamilton: An American Musical is actually about Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, Alexander's wife! Dear Baby Yoda or Dear Theodosia? Also, yay dog parents! This is a really random episode where we gush about Hamilton. We discuss our favorite songs at the moment. Did you know we have a Spotify playlist? Recorded: Sept. 5, 2020
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