69 minutes | Dec 9th 2020

Geaux-ing to Wizard School | S1.E6

Our longest episode yet! Welcome back to Theory the podcast, where co-hosts Kait and Frances offer their theories on some plot holes in our favorite stories. This month, we're talking Hugh Grant, college football, The Sun's Billie Eilish cover, favorite Holiday songs and MORE! What was on your Spotify Wrapped? Ours included Hamilton and Billie Eilish, which is the most on-brand music we could have, tbh. Frances then does MATH for us - yes, MATH - to prove that there's absolutely no way that the United States (and North America at large) has a SINGLE Wizarding School. Also, it's not in New Orleans? No. We also discuss where some Wizarding Schools might actually be located since the US needs more than one (as does N. America). Don't forget to follow us on social media (TW: @PodTheory, IG: @TheorythePod). We also have a GREAT Spotify playlist that you should check out that features all the songs we discuss on the pod. Recorded: Dec. 5, 2020
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