91 minutes | Jan 16th 2021

FMK: Dean, Jess, & Logan | S2.E1

Happy new year and welcome to season 2! 2021 is a lot like 2020, huh? Still craziness in politics, we're still living through unprecedented times (and constantly making history), but now we have vaccines and a tiny bit of hope...? Kait plugs some math she's doing regarding the Bachelor and we both talk resolutions for the new year. Anyway, we're kicking off season 2 with something a little different than a straight up theory: a debate! Who should Rory Gilmore end up with? In one corner, we have Kait, defending Jess Mariano. In the other corner, we have Frances defending Logan Huntzberger. In the middle of the ring, we both agree that Dean Forester is the absolute worst. Don't forget to follow us on social media (TW: @PodTheory, IG: @TheorythePod). We also have a GREAT Spotify playlist that you should check out that features all the songs we discuss on the pod. Recorded: Jan. 9, 2021
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