49 minutes | Oct 11th 2020

2020 is Halloween | S1.E4

We're BACK! And only 35 days later! We're really doing it, guys. We're so proud of ourselves, but don't worry - the tangents are still here. AND we're getting SPOOKY this time. Reminder: PLEASE VOTE. Remember your mask and hand sanitizer and be courteous of the poll workers. This month, Frances explains that Jack Skellington's Halloween Town and Marnie Cromwell's Halloweentown are actually one and the same! What's your favorite Halloween movie? Halloween candy? Learn all this and more in this episode! Don't forget to follow us on social media (TW: @PodTheory, IG: @TheorythePod). We also have a GREAT Spotify playlist that you should check out that features all the songs we discuss on the pod. Recorded: October 10, 2020
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