36 minutes | Sep 19, 2021

Theory of Change #018: Brooke Binkowski on fact-checking and fighting disinformation

In a 24/7 news environment, we're all surrounded by information, some of it true, some of it false, and much of it somewhere in the middle. As social media has become universalized, we've seen a new type of journalist emerge, fact-checkers. That's a fascinating commentary on their importance because the commercial media industry has been shrinking as a whole. On this episode, we'll be speaking with Brooke Binkowski, she's the managing editor of Truth or Fiction.com, a fact-checking website that she heads up after working at another similar site, Snopes. We apologize for some audio difficulties toward the end of the episode. Brooke's connection and microphone weren't working as well as we neared completion of the show. A transcript of this episode is available here: https://flux.community/matthew-sheffield/2021/09/fighting-disinformation-something-everyone-can-do-and-must-do-protect-our GUEST INFO Her website: https://www.truthorfiction.com/ Brooke Binkowski on Twitter: https://twitter.com/brooklynmarie BuzzFeed article about her former employer Snopes: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/deansterlingjones/snopes-cofounder-plagiarism-mikkelson ABOUT THE SHOW Theory of Change is part of the Flux network, a new content community of podcasters and writers. Please visit us at flux.community to learn more and to tell us about what you're doing! We're constantly growing and learning from the great people we meet. Theory of Change on Twitter: twitter.com/TheoryChange Please support Theory of Change: PayPal: www.paypal.com/paypalme/theorychange Patreon: www.patreon.com/fluxcommunity If you're not able to support financially, please help us by leaving a nice review on your favorite podcast app. Thanks!
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