46 minutes | May 24th 2020

015 Cylinder Radio William Reusch Full Interview

William Reusch is a highschool teacher in LA who is having to deal with the current state of american education and all its flaws. He hosts a podcast called Cylinder Radio, where he basically just enjoys talking to people who challenge his critical thinking on controversial topics. He also brought up an organization I wasn't aware of called the Heterodox Academy. Their homepage sums up his teaching philosophy: "Diverse viewpoints & open inquiry are critical to learning." Doesn't get more straightforward than that. So as I've followed him over the past year or so, it's been so encouraging to me that there do exist teachers out there who share this philosophy and are doing everything they can on the teacher's side of public education, as irredeemable as taxpayer funded education may be. Will acknowledges this, and he's in it anyway. Anyway, he's just a fascinating guy, and I really think he's worth your attention.
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