181 minutes | Apr 17th 2020

014 Theocracy Council from July, 2019

Some of the questions we discuss this month: What's our attitude towards the law? Do we assume a commandment is gone unless repeated? What if the American legal system obeyed the law of punishing false witnesses? How do we deal with the deep consequences of driving on "public roads" claimed by eminent domain? Is the government just in building a wall? How do I deal with lonliness in my Christian walk? What can I do to stop paying unlawful taxes? What's a practical application of all believers being priests? What about tassels? Is accelerationism Biblical? How do I plan for the collapse of an earthly kingdom? What examples can we use from the American Arbitration Association? What's the difference between American slavery and Biblically lawful slavery? What is postmillennialism, and how does what I believe about prophecy affect my daily life?
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