50 minutes | Dec 22nd 2020

Unexpected Holiday Songs (with Zoë Young)

It’s here again: That time of year when the charm and nostalgia of our favorite holiday songs have just about worn off even though the lights are still twinkling brightly and at least a few gifts have yet to be wrapped. It’s hard to appreciate the comfortable familiarity of a wintry carol when it’s been worming its way into your ears for weeks.Fortunately,  we've got an episode to shake you out of the musical monotony of the holiday season.This time around, our panel includes the ever-astute and equally entertaining, Zoe Young, as well as my colleague and collaborator in both business and married life, Mahea Lee. Together, we attempt to make sense of three incredibly… Unexpected Holiday Tracks.Themes and Variation is presented by Soundfly, a music education website changing the way we build our creative skills :Check out all of our courses including Songwriting for Producers  here.Subscribe to all of our courses here and use the discount code THEMES to take 20% off!Sign up to work one-on-one with one of our incredible mentors here.And check out our free Themes and Variation companion course for writing prompts and additional resources.We want to hear what songs were on the first record you ever bought! Add them to the community playlist for this episode.Have questions or comments? Want to suggest a theme for a future episode? drop us a line at podcast@soundfly.com!
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