54 minutes | Sep 30th 2020

Songs with Iconic Synth Sounds (with Neara Russell)

What songs come to mind when you think of iconic or memorable synth sounds? Do you think of massive dance hits? What about reverb-drenched dream pop? Maybe something edgier?In this episode, Carter sits down with Neara Russell and John Hull, two incredible musicians and experts in the world of synths and music synthesis. Themes and Variation is presented by Soundfly, a music education website changing the way we build our creative skills :Check out all of our courses including The Art of Hip-Hop Production, here.Subscribe to all of our courses here and use the discount code THEMES to take 20% off!Sign up to work one-on-one with one of our incredible mentors here.And check out our free Themes and Variation companion course for writing prompts and additional resources.We want to hear what songs were on the first record you ever bought! Add them to the community playlist for this episode.Have questions or comments? Want to suggest a theme for a future episode? drop us a line at podcast@soundfly.com!
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