82 minutes | Feb 15th 2018

EP55: Is Your Thyroid Bringing You Down? with Tara Nelson

The Thyroid is so integral to our energy levels that any imbalance in its function can have a dramatic impact on our energy levels as it regulates amongst other things your body's temperature, metabolism and heartbeat. Naturopath Tara Nelson specializes in helping people achieve optimum thyroid health and in this episode of TheEdTalks she explains the things we can do to make that happen. In this episode you’ll discover: What the Thyroid is and how it affects our energy levels The different types of Thyroid issues and symptoms What tests people should be asking their healthcare practitioner to do Key lifestyle, diet and supplemental changes that can help with Thyroid issues When you should consider going gluten free Why healthy liver function is crucial for Thyroid health and how to achieve it Why getting on top of stress is essential for healthy Thyroid function What Goitrogens are and why you shouldn’t worry too much about them Why you should not stay on a FODMAP diet for too long Why using products that have a strong non-natural fragrance is harmful Tara’s simple approach for reducing toxins from your life Items mentioned in this episode include: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links which help me pay the bills for The Ed Talks at no extra cost to you. EP43: Dr. Suzy Cohen Interview TRAb test Bio compatibility hair test Goitrogens When maybe you should not worry about goitrogens Selenium from Brazil nuts FODMAPs Withania (also called Ashwagandha and Indian Ginseng) The effects of Nigella sativa on thyroid function Bugleweed Motherwort Dr. Denise Furness EP44: Living A Less Toxic Life with Alexx Stuart ACEBio Nourished Life MTHFR EP29: How To Be A Mindful Parent with Sarah Napthali Buddhism for mothers Tara’s Website, Facebook, Facebook Group for Thyroid Health pages TheEdTalks Free Strategy Guide for feeling more energized Support TheEdTalks by using this Amazon Link when buying online Become a Patron of TheEdTalks Quote of the day: "True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents.” Music: Intro song “In the Quarter” by John Deley Outro song “Your” by Aquaman’s Lab Help Spread the Word! Thanks for listening to this episode of TheEdTalks. Do you or anyone you know suffer with Thyroid issues? What has helped? Share your strategies with us here or on our Facebook Page. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to leave a quick rating and review of the show on iTunes. This will really aid our mission to help mums and dads Feel Energized Again and make the world a Healthier & Happier place. Please use this AMAZON LINK when purchasing items online. It means we get a small commission (and you pay NO EXTRA) helping us pay for the podcast. Click Here To Rate & Review TheEdTalks  
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