115 minutes | Feb 22nd 2021

फरमाइसि गीतहरुको रेडियो कार्यक्रम | Nepali Podcast | Deepesh Shrestha

Life is a journey full of lessons, hardships, and sacrifices. Why let it go to waste? What you are today is because of what happened yesterday. And, TheDeepeshShow brings live interviews from some of the best artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, and much more. They come here to share how they made it in life. These big people were once just like you. The Deepesh Show believes in the importance of recording these wonderful stories of some of the most loved and legendary people. We bring long-form interviews where they share their memories, their mistakes, the lessons they have learned, what they lost, and what they achieved. You might be stuck at a phase in life where you have no idea what to do. You aren’t the only one. These people went through the same phase and look at where they are now. We all are human beings. As for them, we make sure that their memories are shared with the world. Memories fade, but with TheDeepeshShow, it will stay forever. Listen to TheDeepeshShow, a Nepali podcast that believes in the importance of keeping the memories alive forever. Watch how the stories unfold and fill you up with different energy to face life. Take inspiration, reminisce the old days, and live in it as some of the greatest living legends come to have a conversation with us, with you! live athttps://www.facebook.com/thedeepeshshowhttps://www.youtube.com/thedeepeshshowhttp://www.twitter.com/thedeepeshshow Podcastswww.thedeepeshshow.com
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