76 minutes | Mar 4th 2021

Live Interview with Milan Chams (Filmmaker, Director, Producer)

When it comes to the most successful filmmakers in the Nepali film fraternity, Milan Chams (Filmmaker, Director, Producer) is one of those as his movies have been appreciated by the audience and highly praised by the film critics. He is one of the prominent filmmakers of Nepal, who is well known for being the leading choice of film director in the Nepali film fraternity. He is best known for his Nepali movies “Bir Bikram” and “Lily Billy”, which has won several awards. He began his career in filmmaking by directing music videos. He has directed more than 200 music videos. “Hasiya” was the first movie that he had directed followed by the second film “Bir Bikram”, which became a massive hit and was immensely loved by the Nepali audience. He has directed several Nepali movies such as; “Paschatap”, “Blind Rocks”, “Happy Days”, “Bobby”, “Bir Bikram 2”, and ”Bobby 2”. He has received several awards and nominations such as; the Encouragement Award in D-cine Award for the movie “Bir Bikram” (2017), the Best Director in NFDC National Film Awards for the Movie “Lily Bily” (2018), the Best Director in D-cine Award for the movie “ Lily Bily” (2018), and the Best Director in Kamana Film Awards for the movie”Lily Bily” (2018). live athttps://www.facebook.com/thedeepeshshowhttps://www.youtube.com/thedeepeshshowhttp://www.twitter.com/thedeepeshshow Podcastswww.thedeepeshshow.com #MilanChams #FilmMaker #Director #Producer #TheDeepeshShow #NepaliPodcast #aeglobal #giftmandu #wowpal #liveinterview
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