67 minutes | Feb 28th 2021

Gufgaaf with Sister Sita (Spiritual scholar) | Nepali Podcast | Deepesh Shrestha

We have all heard about Osho, Sri Ravi Shankar and Sadhguru, but how many times do we hear about female spiritual gurus and scholars who are spreading the message on the same lines as that of the saints mentioned above. Here we have our sister Sita, a spiritual scholar who deserves the spotlight and has been preaching love, humanity, equality and empowerment. At a very early age, Sister Sita had learned to make the best of her adversities and had learned the art of loving all of the humankind selflessly. It is sometime during these formative years that she committed herself to give selfless love to anyone and everyone in ways known and unique. She has been practising meditation with Brahmakumaris for 13 years. Her belief is understanding that spirituality comes from realization, a sense of the self, and the surroundings. Humans are here for a purpose that is more blissful than the material gains we enjoy. She has experience teaching meditation in countries such as; Africa, Pakistan, the Middle East, India, Australia. She teaches spiritual lessons, which is called spiritual guidelines and mediation and conduct retreats. She also conducts Children Spiritual classes. She also organizes the Nepalese program for our Nepalese community for their spiritual well being. Her unique meditation methods would involve simply embracing the affected, and she would feel their emotional weight lifting. This would become her mode of operating to help the community realize their efforts and find their true calling in life.  live athttps://www.facebook.com/thedeepeshshowhttps://www.youtube.com/thedeepeshshowhttp://www.twitter.com/thedeepeshshow Podcastswww.thedeepeshshow.com #SisterSita #BrahmaKumaris #Spritual #TheDeepeshShow #NepaliPodcast #aeglobal #giftmandu #WOWPal #liveinterview
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