165 minutes | Jan 31st 2021

Gufgaaf with Renchin Yonjan & Shrijana Singh Yonjan (सम्झनामा गोपाल योन्जन) | nepali podcast | deepesh shrestha

As one of the most prominent musicians, who is known for his patriotic Nepali songs in the history of Nepali music, Gopal Yonjan was beloved in the hearts of every Nepalese. A tribute to Gopal Yonjan by his wife Renchin Yonjan and daughter Shrijana Singh. Gopal Yonjan (Lyricist, Singer, Composer) has left a staggering musical legacy, which could have disappeared had they not been documented and archived, all thanks to his wife Renchin Yonjan who started archiving his work 18 years ago after his death. He belongs to the first generation of Nepali singers who became professional singers. His songs have also been used in several movies and dramas across the country. He started his musical career as a flautist. He wrote his first lyrics in 1963, and his first musical composition was recorded in 1964. His musical works encompass nationalistic/ patriotic, spiritual, romantic, philosophical, dancing tunes, ballads, musical compositions, ode to women and womanhood, songs for children and youth and thematic songs on environment, sports, scouts, etc. His renderings range from purely classical to folk, modern and music specially created for women and children. In all this variety he has maintained his sensitivity and finesse in captivating and maintaining the Nepali touch. He had also opened a studio named “Gopalaya” at his home in Basundhara. He had prepared a fusion of band and folk music to perform in the coronation ceremony of King Birendra at Dasarath Rangashala in 2031 B.S. He has written two books named “Sangeetanjali” and “Geet Manjari”. He was the editor of “BAAGINA Publication”. He was the contributor of Music & Dance Section of the Rough Guide on Nepal by David Reed. He was a recipient of several awards such as; Chinnalata Award for Outstanding Contribution to Nepali Music (1992), Priya Award for 25 years dedicated outstanding contribution to Nepali music (1995), Suprabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu, Chinnalata Geet Puraskar, and many more. He is the fourth Asian to be archived in the Cornell University Library in New York, USA. He is also the “first music person which is a big honour for Nepal”. live at
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