40 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

"Revive" Message 1-17-20

Point: Inspiration that doesn’t lead to transformation just becomes more information. Jesus taught for a response… He taught for life change… He didn’t come to just transfer information… but to challenge transformation… Scripture: Acts 17:1-9; Matthew 13:1-9,18-23 Questions: 1. Read Acts 17:1-9. How does the gospel “turn the world upside down”? 2. Are you trying to turn the world rightside up while working upside down? What do you think needs to change? 3. Read Matthew 13:18-23. What type of soil best describes your walk with Jesus? (Be honest!) 4. How are you currently pursuing the mission to create a Jesus culture right here in the White Mountains? 5. What is God teaching you through this sermon? Where is He convicting you to change?
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