60 minutes | Sep 19, 2020

Lovecraft Country Blues with Ashley C. Ford & Shannon Houston

If you are a fan of the HBO’s Lovecraft Country, then this episode is for you. This week my guests the hosts of the official HBO Lovecraft Country Radio podcast. Ashley C. Ford and Lovecraft Country writer Shannon Houston. Every week on their show they break down each episode of Lovecraft Country after it airs. But on this podcast epsiode we are going to break down some of our favorite moments from the show, how they work together and discuss some of the choices that were made in adapting the original book by Matt Ruff. We get into a lot including some of the things that did not work on the show. I can’t wait for you to hear this one! If you enjoy this episode please subscribe and leave a comment over on iTunes for me if you can, it really helps me out.. Or, screenshot your podcatcher and tag theblerdgurl over on IG stories with what you liked about it! If you REALLY want to support what I’m doing, please contribute to my Ko-Fi page! Your contribution really helps me keep the show going and eventually pay for expenses like mixing, transcription, a video editor and so much more! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCATCHER HBO Lovecraft Country RadioAfroComicCon Sign up InfoNYCC/Metaverse InfoNATIVE JUSTICE COALITION The post PODCAST: Lovecraft Country Blues: A conversation with Ashley C. Ford & Shannon Houston appeared first on theblerdgurl.
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