15 minutes | Sep 22, 2021

Alfred Enoch Discusses the far future of Foundation

This week is a theblerdgurl podcast special short episode. My guest today is the lovely actor Alfred Enoch. Best known for portraying Dean Thomas in the blockbuster Harry Potter films and Wes Gibbins on the ABC television series How to Get Away With Murder Alfred is one of the stars of the new Apple TV + epic series FOUNDATION. Apple was nice enough to let me talk to him for a bit about the show, and I can attest to the fact that it is stunning from the screeners that I have seen.  For those unfamiliar, Apple TV’s new show Foundation is based on the legendary Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” series. Asimov’s enormously influential science fiction series inspired generations of filmmakers ever since. From fantasy to the future: Alfred Enoch plays Raych Foss on the new Apple TV+ show Foundation credit: Apple TV + Showrunner David Goyer (Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises) adapted the complex story centered around the Empire’s Cleons (played by Lee Pace, Terrance Mann, and Cassian Bilton), a Genetic Dynasty all cloned from the same man for 400 years. Hari Seldon, played by Jared Harris) is the mathematician and prophet who, through something called psychohistory, has predicted the human races’ demise and wants to save it. (Coincidentally, I did get a chance to talk to Goyer and Harris separately, and those interviews will be up soon). His beliefs are, of course, considered heresy by the Empire, and the future lies in his new protegé, Gaal Fornick (Lou Llobel) and a band of scientists already forging a new world on a distant outpost. My guest today, Alfred Enoch, plays Raych Foss. Harris’ adopted son and right-hand man, whose romantic entanglement with Gaal has more of a ripple effect than he realizes. Foundation premieres’s this Friday Spt. 22 on Apple TV+. LISTEN BELOW OR CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCATCHER If you enjoy this episode please subscribe and leave a comment over on iTunes for me if you can, it really helps me out. Or, screenshot your podcatcher and tag theblerdgurl over on IG stories with what you liked about it! START LISTENING TO AMAZING AUDIOBOOKS AND SCRIPTED PODCASTS TODAY ON AUDIBLE Show Notes Apple TV+ Foundation The post Podcast: Alfred Enoch discusses diversity in the far future of Foundation on Apple TV+ appeared first on theblerdgurl.
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