49 minutes | Jun 3, 2021

09 Google I0 2021, How cameras are racially biased, Ster-Kinekor movie interview part 2, M1 iMac Review

We snuck an M1 iPad review in there for fun too.. Okay so two things: 1) sorry we took so long 2) sorry some of the mic quality is hit-or-miss But we finally got a chance to record again! In this episode of the Perspectivecast we recap the craziness that was Google I/O 2021, talk about racial diversity in technology , more specifically cameras due to Google’s equitable camera initiative , and recap some local movie industry biz after a little recap of our Ster-Kinekor movie interview(did we tell you we’re helping them give away free tickets now?). Add in an M1 iMac review recap (and an M1 iPad review) and we’ve got a lot to talk about, so let’s jump in! Featured Articles: An interview with Ster-Kinekor Zimbabwe on the operating in a pandemic,  the state of the movie industry and streaming services, Mortal Kombat  and more. Google I/0 2021 Recap: From Android a very expressive 12 to smartwatch partnerships to the eerie “inclusive” camera. Microsoft OneNote needs to STEAL this Google Keep Notes feature M1 iMac Review Roundup: Elegant Form. Middling Function Google’s  Inclusive Camera Initiative raises eyebrows and questions over the  representation in cameras self image of people of color.
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