116 minutes | Apr 13, 2021

07 LG abandons the Smartphone Business, Zimbos and Covid-19 Vaccination, and things to come in 2021

We're back! After way too many delays(Zimbabwe is a jungle guys) we've finally gotten everyone together for what's not exactly the happiest of tech news: LG leaving the smartphone business. We talk about how LG failed despite being one of the most innovative and capable smartphone makers on the planet, what they could have done better, and most importantly how that affects the rest of the smartphone market both around the world and even here in Zimbabwe. We also talk about the still prevailing pandemic, more importantly the Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines and how they Zimbabweans are reacting to them, giving our own thoughts on how we should all navigate this unpredictable situation we're in. Add in some more traditional tech news and a look at things to come, and The Perspectivecast is back. Check out more details below:  Follow us on: Twitter: @Perspectivezim Facebook: The Zimbabwean Perspective Instagram: Perspectivezim_official Further Reading: Farewell LG Mobile: You deserved better……though we hardly knew ye Why Samsung's Galaxy S21 and S21+ SUCK WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy change finally made  people in Africa take note of Facebook’s privacy issues, even if they  probably overreacted. What Spotify coming to Zimbabwe means for music streaming in general. So what actually caused the TM Pick n Pay hack?
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