74 minutes | Feb 9, 2021

Neal Winokur & Jesse Berger - The Grumpy Accountant, Canada's Senselessly Complicated Tax System

Not many people have the passion for our tax system that Neal Winokur does. In fact, he has so much passion for what's wrong with it and how to fix it that he wrote a whole book on it! He's the author of, The Grumpy Accountant: One Fed-Up Tax Pro's Practical Plan to Fix Canada's Senselessly Complicated Tax System. Together with Jesse Berger, he joins us on The Your Life! Your Terms! Show to discuss what we can do to fix our old system. Who knew talking taxes would be so fun. You can learn more about Neal at www.GrumpyAccountant.ca or on Twitter at @thegrumpyaccou1 and you can find Jesse Berger at www.MagicBitcoinBook.com or on Twitter @jayberjay
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