77 minutes | Jan 15, 2021

Chris Giancoulas, Dan Patton & Aidan Karadza - The Exploding Business Of Sports Cards

We had no idea that the sports card industry was as massive as it is. Rookie cards, autographed cards, cards with a "patch" of a jersey on it ... what does it all mean? Can you really make thousands of dollars buying and selling these things? On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we sit down with Chris Giancoulas, from Untouchables Sports Cards, Aidan Karadza and Dan Patton to learn the ins and outs of this hobby and industry. What we've learned over the last few months has blown us away. This is absolute confirmation that you can live life on your terms doing anything you want. We are thrilled to share this stuff! You can learn more about Untouchables Sports Cards in Mississauga at www.Untouchables.ca
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