60 minutes | Dec 4, 2018

Adventures In Real Estate, Horse Back Riding, Modeling Gigs And More With John Paul Gulbis

We're grateful and blessed to have crossed paths with John Paul Gulbis. This guy found us via some marketing we were doing and wrote us a letter explaining how he wanted to join "team Rock Star." At the time, we were a tiny group and he thought he was joining us for what would be 18 months or 2 years at the most. Well, it's been over ten years and JP is still with us today. He's worked with hundreds of investors on over $100 Million worth of investment real estate and has the stories that go with it. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show, we chat about real estate adventures, his horseback riding, modeling gigs, P90X, coffee and more. JP is a big part of what Rock Star has been able to accomplish, we're proud to call him a close friend. Enjoy the show!!
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