65 minutes | Jun 26, 2019

10X Your Investing & Your Life with The Real Estate Investing Power Couple Cherry Chan & Erwin Szeto

Both Erwin and Cherry bring a lot to the table individually. Together they're truly a real estate power couple. Erwin has a wealth of knowledge in investing right across Ontario (even though he uses the name Mr. Hamilton) and Cherry has both of a ton of real estate investing knowledge and she's an accountant who specializes in real estate. We feel lucky and fortunate that Erwin has been part of the Rock Star team for almost ten years now and that Cherry shares her accounting lessons with Rock Star Inner Circle Members. This Fall (2019) they are hosting their iWin Wealth Hacker Conference and bringing up Grant Cardone as the keynote speaker (you can use the code YLYT to get 10% off tickets) and learn more at: www.WealthHacker.ca
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