35 minutes | Jul 6, 2019

School vs DOERS - #3

¿Qué elegirías? Las personas exitosas prefieren aprender de las personas que hacen DOERS y que han tomado medidas y logrado grandes cosas que aprender de los 'maestros profesionales'. Como emprendedor, debes aprender sin parar y para que eso suceda debes buscar y encontrar personas que te inspiren y te hagan crecer a través de sus enseñanzas y sabiduría.I'm not saying that you need to drop out of school, but I invite you to find new, alternate ways to learn from inspiring people, from those who have failed and have also become succesfull eventually. I invite you to find people inside your niche and learn from them, take online courses, and even form part of exclusive communities for networking and learning as mine works (link on profile).I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and to seek the knowledge that you desire and dream of. The most important part is that I urge you to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION the moment you learn new stuff, and i mean immediately!!!The world is already yours.Now go and show me what youre capable of.Síguenos en nuestras redes sociales, suscríbete y danos una reseña! Te lo agradeceré mucho!FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM
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