41 minutes | Feb 11th 2021

8. Why not dressing for YOU2.0 is holding you back (ft. Stylist Kate Taylor)

We all know that putting clothes on in the morning is a requirement of life, right? But what are the feelings you have about your clothes? How are they making you feel, and more importantly, how are you then showing up in your day? If you’ve ever looked at your wardrobe and felt uninspired, you’re not alone! And that’s exactly why I am beyond excited to bring on my guest today, Kate Taylor. Kate is a fashion stylist, and she’ll be sharing  with you why styling is only 10% clothes and 90% mindset. In our conversation today we break down how to start dressing as YOU2.0 and hint hint, it doesn’t equal spending a ton of money. Kate will also share with you the two most common styling mistakes.  You can learn more about Kate here.
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